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Theonomic Employment Solutions - about the owner

Thom Beresford was born in Ohio, graduating from High School in 1983.  He earned his BS degree in education and later earned a Masters.  His background has been in education and ecumenical leadership.   

Seeking an opportunity in business, Thom moved forward in the recruiting industry as an Account Executive in 2004 due to his high energy level and ability to develop relationships.  In 2005, Thom lead the office in placements and sales as he did in 2006 and 2007.  His keen ability at developing lasting relationships, training staff, leading sales, administrative prowess and a business acumen propelled him to the position as Office Manager in 2006.  Soon after, Thom was approached with the opportunity of part ownership and career advancement as Vice President of his former Agency.  Under his leadership, the office experienced increased placements and record sales.  As well, Thom initiated and facilitated European placements over the span of two years - a first for the agency.  Thom's vision of expanding beyond the local geographic location and into the entire US and abroad was realized under his initiatives, leadership and facilitation. 

Seeking to realize his dream of owning and operating his own recruiting agency, Thom now operates Theonomic Employment Solutions in Pennsylvania with years of experience, training, networking and vision. 

Recruiting / Placements

Director of Technology, VP of Logistics, VP of Finance, Controller, Laboratory Diagnostics Manager, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Supply Chain Manager, Director of Sales, Plant Manager, Maintenance Manager  

Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Software Engineers   

Field Service engineers
(CT Scanner / LINAC), Marking Techs,  CNC operator, Lab Tech, Call Center Manager


Specialty Gas
Small appliance
Web Hosting Companies