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The objective of Theonomic Employment Solutions is to provide unparalleled service to our business clients.  The service we set out to provide is based on the principle (moral / ethic) of that which formed our nation and gave it reason to prosper and take dominion.  Although the philosophy of prosperity can be debated, its prime function is to make gains.  To that end, we seek to assist your company in getting there with the right staff. 

We hope to establish lasting business relationships of trust and endevor to expand by your testimony to others regarding our services and how efficiently we facilitate  employment needs. 

Application of the objective in practical terms is accomplished utilizing both "process" (how the extensive process can be beneficial to you) and "Fee"  as described further on the side.   
Process - company

Our process is streamlined.  It includes taking a detailed description from a decision maker, identifying "must haves", discovering any pitfalls that have stunted the process, why the opportunity is open, what personality would work best in the company culture, etc. 

We then begin our research, identify upper tier candidates, conduct extensive interviews and present only those meeting or exceeding the description.  We will include the resume, interviewing notes, employment history, drivers, personality type and career objectives. We will set up interviews and present offers that we are certain will be accepted. 
Fee Structure:


25% - base salaries below $100K

30% - base salaries at or above $100K

Candidate (only for candidates who retain our services - see p. 3)

$25 per hour - 1 hour minimum.

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