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Our Services - Candidates

If you are accepted as one of our candidates, you will be joining the ranks of our upper tier professionals who we present to our clients for consideration.  Often, our candidates are made offers where a formal opening did not exist.  This happens at times because our candidates are highly skilled industry leaders and companies take every advantage in building their teams with exceptional talent.

If you are standing above your peers in trend setting, cost savings, employment stability and one who produces increased revenues, then our services will work optimally for you.  We will market your services to the top companies in the location most suitable for your needs.

Our selective process in choosing which candidates we will work with have gained us our "go to agency" reputation.  This is done through our interviewing process where we discover your career drivers, employment / salary history, ambitions, personality and goals. 

We have an extensive business network and state of the art internet search engines which distinguish us.  There are two  services we offer depending where you are in the career searching process.  If you have never spoken with a professional who knows what companies look for on resumes and interviews, call us - we can help!  Many professionals have spent years in higher education but haven't even a cursory knowledge of writing resumes and find themselves being more reactionary during an interview than confident and proactive.  Booklets from the college career  don't work.  Talk with a professional, call us and get your career fast tracked and moving forward!
Retained Services

At Theonomic Employment Solutions, we offer both resume writing assistance and interviewing consultation.  Our techniques and methods have proven to be highly effective and set our candidates above the competition. 

If you are preparing for an interview or working on making your resume more attractive to prospective employers, our services are highly advisable.  Through formal training and industry experience with small start ups to multi-billion dollar fortune rated companies, we know and understand what companies are seeking and "buzz" words to both avoid and utilize for best results.    
Employment Match

If we contact you from a network or internet tool regarding an opportunity or if you contact us regarding a position we advertised, all of our services are free of charge.  We will assist with your resume, gather a detailed employment history and prepare you for ensuing company interviews with insightful strategies and crucial follow ups.     
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