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Our Service - Companies

Our service is designed to meet your specific needs with optimum results in quality and efficiency. The criteria for the service selected should be based on considerations such as company morale, financial hemorrhage (lost revenues of projects not being completed due to man power needs), how fast the position must be filled, position responsibility and growth to name a few. 

The consulting aspect of Theonomic Employment Solutions is keenly tuned into the market with industry experience to advise on which service would produce maximum results.  Below are our services offered and divided into two categories.  A combination of both can be utilized in some circumstances.      
Retained Search

The retained search is our highest level of service where our upper tier staff works exclusively on the project until the position is filled.  A company retains our services with a mutual level of trust. Highly advised for upper level management searches.  Results are exceptional in quality and efficiency. 
Contingent Search

The contingent search does not pay for our services unless a candidate is hired from our agency.  It is the highest risk for us and lowest for a company.  Contingent searches are typically reserved for our clients with whom we have developed a relationship with over the years.  This search works best for floor to mid level professionals.   
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