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Welcome to "Theonomic Employment Solutions"!   

Theonomic Employment Solutions was developed for companies who value and function with the highest level of ethics and dominion objectives.  Our streamlined process efficiently navigates through the varied formidable challenges with exceeding results through intense research and precision recruiting. Predictably, the results are exceeding because our process, candidates and clients are exceeding.  

As a full service company, Theonomic Employment Solutions offers consultation to both companies and professionals in today's highly competitive market where every detail matters. Company contracts and coveted career opportunities are awarded to those paying attention to detail and networked in business relationships.  

We service all engineering, finance, sales, IT and technical industries and our experience has ranged from smaller start ups to multi-billion dollar fortune rated companies at the head quarter level. No matter the size or need, our highly skilled and trained staff will handle your need with the same care and professional service that has gained us our reputation.

In short, the below pages and contents are listed:

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